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Embroidery Prices | What does embroider cost?  August 29, 2013 – 00:00

Printing textile printing stamp Costs & values ​​for TEXTILE PRINTING & EMBROIDERY

We embroider / print on textiles from one piece,no minimum quantity!The Following Following prices are only indicative,Because The price can vary DEPENDING on size / design / number.Needle embroidery textile embroidery

Our courses are targeted at private consumers and businesses. The Following Following prices are exclusive VAT.Tshirt printing logo back
For more information,see the table and beyond the table!

Print (at 1 piece) Embroidery (at 1 piece)

Print Logo small

4:50,- EUR

Embroidery Logo small

5,- EUR

Print Logo big

14,- EUR

Embroidery big log

15 - 20,- EUR

Print small text

4,- EUR

Embroidery small text

4:50,- EUR

Print big text

14,- EUR

Embroidery big text

14-18,- EUR

For embroidery a mechanical template must be created Which has to be paid only one time,the price for a logo for the template is 25,- EUR incl. Normal text for £ 15,- EUR incl. VAT.

For both,textile print & embroidery we need a high quality graphic or a vector graphic;


Libraries Unlimited Crash Course in Web Design for Libraries
Book (Libraries Unlimited)

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The new role of grahic design in business

Everyone budding entrepreneur should also be a capable graphic designer in today's business climate. Paying someone to come up with a logo or a quick brochure-ware website takes too long and is not cost efficient. Design software, while increasingly more powerful, is also increasingly easier to use. Of course you can't teach taste, but that is truly an afterthought.
Graphic design is becoming less of a profession and more or a required skill like word processing.
Sure there is always a market for premium services, but don't act so shocked when you see people making logos for $50

Cost of entry is so low

Just like the late night TV ad says, take a 3 month class, and you too can become a graphic designer. Even a car mechanic takes longer.
Low level design is part of secretarial work now. Get a basic website up, design some pamphlet and newsletters all can be done at the nearest Kinkos.
Of course at high levels, large companies still have multi-million per year ad budgets.

Questions for graphic designers or web

I just got a kick-ass contract design gig and upon my first day I realized that their machine that they expect me to use is a good machine but all the programs are super old, Photoshop 5, an old Frontpage, no Illustrator at all and of course an old Quark. I never asked in the interview because I assumed that they had the gear, why would someone ask for a web/graphic designer and not even have an... there (example: an odd brush issue that wouldn't allow me to erase)
I almost left the gig altogether today because of this issue, when I brought it up to the head guy he almost had a heart attack at the cost of new programs - it's a kick in the groin to know that at my house I have all the latest programs with a 24" monitor and there I am in this office working with old shit on a 15" screen

"Zen North" Provides Fresh Look For Autzen's North Side  —
There are also five large pyramids on Autzen Stadium's revamped north side, each panel illustrating a prominent player from recent Oregon history. Collectively, the pyramids look like nothing short of a studded dog collar ringing the neck of the stadium.

Exhibits  — The Moscow Times
A gallery visiter examining one of famous Uzbeki graphic artist and painter Petr Annenkov's work s, as another spectator is blockaded. Annenkov's ...

Wiley Convert!: Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion
Book (Wiley)

'Randolph Caldecott: The Man Who Could Not Stop Drawing': A PW Excerpt  — Publishers Weekly
The driven, self-taught artist, for whom the American Library Association would one day name its annual award for the most distinguished contribution to children's literature by an illustrator, arrived in Victorian England's publishing epicenter with ..

CSN Graphic Design Course, Cork, Ireland
CSN Graphic Design Course, Cork, Ireland
NUA Student Experience - BA Graphic Design student Rhianne Janssen
NUA Student Experience - BA Graphic Design student Rhianne Janssen
Apple Computer iWork '09 [OLD VERSION]
Software (Apple Computer)
  • iWork 09, Apple s office productivity suite, is the easiest way to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations the Mac way
  • Creating the perfect brochure, flyer, report, or resume is faster and easier than ever with Pages 09
  • Create spreadsheets, organize data, and write formulas with simple yet powerful tools using Numbers 09
  • With great new features in Keynote 09, creating a show-stopping presentation is surprisingly simple
  • Share your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with anyone on a Mac or PC as Microsoft Office or PDF files
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'Randolph Caldecott: The Man Who Could Not Stop Drawing': A PW Excerpt  — Publishers Weekly
The driven, self-taught artist, for whom the American Library Association would one day name its annual award for the most distinguished contribution to children's literature by an illustrator, arrived in Victorian England's publishing epicenter with ..

Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design

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  • Avatar Grant Is studying art the same as graphic design?
    Aug 25, 2012 by Grant | Posted in Drawing & Illustration

    The college I m going to doesn t offer graphic design as a major but they offer art and in art you take graphic design courses. Will that be the same thing?

    • That would work! However if you want a true major in design, etc. you should consider an art college. That way the main focus is on perfecting your skills and teaching you how to be a good artist. Check for "art institutes" in your city.

  • Avatar MeggyR Where is the cheapest place to buy photoshop?
    Jan 23, 2009 by MeggyR | Posted in Software

    I would like to purchase photoshop and I don t know where to find it. I am currently taking a graphic design course and the program we use is photoshop CS2. And I want to find the cheapest place to buy one. Please help! Thank you and goodbye

    • Assuming you are a university student, you may be able to purchase it for a steep discount in your campus store. Alternatively, you might try doing a Google Product Search like this one:

  • Avatar allymarie What type of school do I need to go to for photo retouching?
    May 20, 2011 by allymarie | Posted in Photography

    I want to eventually edit photos for high end magazines, But I don t know what type of school to go to. Would it be for graphic design or photography? I have taken many graphic design courses and they don t really go into photo editing. But I heard if I go to a school for photography, they offer classes teaching Photoshop retouching skills. What would my major be?

    • Do you know how much the retouchers for high end photographers make? About $1.20 per hour. The best retouchers in the world are in India. I send all of my work there. I deliver 1, images from a wedding shoot, 20 guys work on it over there, and I get them back the next day for about $100. Trust me, retouching is not a business you want to be in, unless you can live on about $800 per year. Like many other things, that has long since been outsourced …