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Welcome to Southeast University Digital Media Design.

Digital Media Design Department of information technology and the emerging digital era departments, mainly in response to the rapid development of the digital content industry demand for talent set. Courses in digital content design, combined with "digital art", "electronic publishing", "animation", "image video" and "3D media" and other areas of expertise and technology development programs, to develop the digital content industry development innovation design talent and core production processes and pragmatic application of professionals. The main features of the field lines and jobs include:

Media Communication Design: A "Web production division" as the representative titles, including graphic design-related areas of employment, the U.S. permanent staff, advertising design, web designers, graphic design, packaging design, design assistant, typesetters, IT assistant personnel. Nurturing students with graphic design, drawing, color science, image processing, computer animation principles, 2D graphics software and other professional skills for network commercial advertising design, digital textbook design, human-computer interface design, digital modeling industry professional virtual model making production and other work and persona.

Digital Audio Production: The "photographic, video editors" as the representative titles, related job titles include: multimedia animation designers, program producers, the director / lead broadcast, video production and technical personnel, lighting / sound engineer, photographer, photography assistant , audiovisual engineering personnel, video games and other programmers. Nurturing students with photography, image processing, audio processing, video streaming applications such as video post-production and technology, commercial photography, wedding photography and digital learning materials produced and broadcast work.


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Still working?

You could develop some skill and experience by offering to organize and promote an event for your current employer.
Otherwise you can offer to do same for another NPO of your choice. larger NPOs have publicity/communications/marketing committees comprised of staff/board/volunteers.
PR: if you can write, multitask and have attention to detail, you can do PR. basic PR is forulaic: get the facts (who what when where why how and how much$)and write press releases, web pages, submit articles, arrange interviews w/ media, talk to civic groups etc. helpful skills include digital camera work & basic PhotoShop, PowerPoint and Publisher or PageMaker software

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  • Avatar Nikita K Video Game Designers, what are some good courses to take to become one?
    Oct 22, 2007 by Nikita K | Posted in Higher Education (University +)

    I want to become a video Game designer since I love video games and i was wondering if Computer programing, graphic design are good courses. What else should i take?

    • There are a lot of misconceptions out there about what game design is. There is no art in game design. There is no programming. There is minimal testing. You don t need to know how to program or how to create art in order to be a game designer. Game design is done almost exclusively with writing and math. Game programmers program the games, game artists make the art, and game testers test the games. It s the designer s job to come up with the ideas …