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Florida Technical College Offers Graphic Design Classes

Study graphic design career in the state of Florida!

The state of Florida has sun and sea on all sides, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Its warm climate and beaches make this tourism practically been alive and of course, it is an ideal place for students who flock to its numerous universities, and for people who are already retired and want to enjoy its tranquility. Florida has something for everyone.

Tallahassee is the capital of Florida, Jacksonville albeit one of the largest cities. It is located on the border with Georgia. For students who want to go to study graphic design in this city, you will find universities like ITT Technical Institute-Jacksonville or Florida Technical College of Jacksonville Inc , they have great programs and illustration graphic arts , advertising design , exhibition design , aided design Computer CAD , desktop publishing , visual communication and graphic design .

Programs: Graphic Design, Digital Design, Illustration, Visual Communication, Design Management, Desktop Design, Drafting and Design, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design Advanced.

Ft Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa.

Keiser University

Programs: Graphic Design, Drawing and Computer Aided Design

Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Pembroke Pines, Port St. Lucie, Tallahassee, Tampa, West Palm Beach.

International Academy of Design and Technology

Program: Visual Communication, Advertising Design, Graphic Design, Graphic Arts

Orlando, Tampa.

American InterContinental University

Program: Visual Communication, Design, Digital Design, Illustration


Programs: Graphic Design

Fort Lauderdale, Ft Myers, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee and University Park.

Florida Technical College

Programs: Computer Aided Design

DeLand, Orlando

Remington College

Programs: Graphic Design

Tampa Bay, Orlando

Other design schools in Florida

College of Business and Technology

Programs: Digital Graphic Design
Address: 8991 SW 107 Ave Ste 200, Miami, Florida 33176-1412
Phone: (305) 273-4499 x1100
Type: Private University
Approximate cost: (last year): $ 9.250 and $ 1.300 in books and other materials.


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If you can already do everything graphic design

Wise, then its a complete waste of money to go get a degree for it. The feild is an experience/portfolio one, not which school or degree you have. Unless you need to learn all the programs and design concepts- take one lots of smaller freelance jobs to build up your portfolio, then work on the bigger jobs. Once you get a good size portfolio made it'll be easy to get an in-house design job. Of course, this is experience speaking from southern cali, not boston- I have no idea how hard it'll be for you over there.

Advice from a graphic designer...

It is hard to answer all your questions because the graphic design field is so varied and depends a lot on the company you work for. But here goes...
It sounds like you are focusing on becoming a website designer. I think the first thing to know is that there is a big difference between someone who can DESIGN a website and someone who BUILDS a website. It looks like you would have no problem building them, but having a keen design sense (typography, color, etc.) is a whole 'nother ball game! If you have artisitc/creative skill, then getting a job as a designer will be much easier. Go to coolhomepages

Get yourself into a good design school

I wonder why everyone wants to be a graphic designer. I've been working in design for five years and it's no picnic. I love it, but it's very hard work and there are a LOT of talented designers with mega-experience out there. Competition is FIERCE. If you really want to go forward, you should try to tag along with a designer you know for a day or two, or a week, and then if you still want to go forward, get some formal training. Dabbling doesn't count. Good luck.

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About this job: Associate's degree (A.

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Introducing new teachers for the Enumclaw School District  — Enumclaw Courier-Herald
She taught drawing and Graphic Design for grades 9-12 grade. Kathy earned her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from Evergreen State College. We are excited to .. Carly Love – Speech Language Pathologist, District Office.

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Introducing new teachers for the Enumclaw School District  — Enumclaw Courier-Herald
She taught drawing and Graphic Design for grades 9-12 grade. Kathy earned her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from Evergreen State College. We are excited to .. Carly Love – Speech Language Pathologist, District Office.

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  • Avatar Cheboksary What are the best 2-3 Graphic Design Schools in Orlando FL?
    Jun 19, 2009 by Cheboksary | Posted in Other - Education

    Can anybody who lives in Central Florida tell me what are the two or three better Graphic Design Schools near Orlando FL, I greatly appreciate it!

    • Information is below./

  • Avatar ♥LunaLuna♥ How do I change my major after I've already graduated?
    Sep 21, 2011 by ♥LunaLuna♥ | Posted in Higher Education (University +)

    I recently graduated with a degree in marketing, after working, not really enjoying it and now having trouble finding marketing positions for my level, I feel like I want to change/add on a major that I also like..graphic design or Hotel and tourism. What s the best way to do this? Should I just try to get certification? Can I study something completely different in grad school?

    • A common misconception that college graduates have is that you must get a professional degree in the same thing you studied in undergrad. You can get a Master s/Ph.D./JD in any area of study you want. You may have to take prerequisites to be successful in the area but it s possible to study whatever you wish.

  • Avatar noseyfis What college should i choose, flagler college, university of colorado at boulder or UCLA?
    Jan 10, 2010 by noseyfis | Posted in Higher Education (University +)

    I want to study graphic design, or film. - i am scared flagler is too quite and small, although its very pretty and has graphic design - university of colorado is pretty expensive and ive heard that everyone smokes weed and are hippies, but its really pretty and the sororities look great. - UCLA is situated in an awesome place, but im notsure that the progra it has is what i want, its also expensive, but has the best name. so what should i choose? …

    • Flagler. It s a beautiful campus. There are lots of eateries in St Augustine (you can walk from campus to all of them). Flagler does a good job of keeping out the tourists so you won t have tons of people in and out of campus. There are small classes and you ll have the opportunity get to know your faculty (which means you have a shot at a really good letter of rec). You d be about 30 miles from Jacksonville, about an hour from Daytona Beach, and …